Skate 4 Beta Playtest

Skate 4 Playtest Sign-Ups Available Now

EA has unveiled how to sign up for the Skate 4 playtest through the Skate insider program. Along with new Skate 4 gameplay that the developer Full Circle humorously calls “pre-pre-pre-alpha” footage, it has provided extensive details on the rules for the planned closed playtests.

How to sign up for the Skate 4 playtest

You can register for the Skate 4 playtests by heading to the official page for the game’s insider program. You will need to be at least 18 years of age to sign up, with the developer narrowing the field of playtesters “based on varying factors defined by [its] goals for testing at that time of development.” That’s admittedly vague, but the developer promises to release more information on how to receive a playtest invitation through the game’s social channels. It’s unclear if you need to be a part of this to enter the closed playtest between July 5-8 revealed yesterday, but since that involves a different sign-up page, that’s likely done through another process.

EA is making a concerted effort in developing Skate 4 openly with the community, accepting feedback throughout the development process. According to the FAQ for the program, the developer shares that it is “very early in the development of [Skate 4] and are bringing players into the game much sooner than is the norm.” In fact, these playtests may be in beta, alpha, or even pre-alpha.

Similar to the second Overwatch 2 beta, the Skate 4 playtest will scale access to the early versions of the game gradually so EA “can’t guarantee how soon you’ll get to play.” But considering that the insider program will be giving access to pre-alpha gameplay, there will likely be many chances for players to enter.

Of course, since these playtests are closed to the public, leaking any videos, screenshots, or captures of them is restricted. That’s not surprising really, but EA is likely being even more cautious after pre-alpha Skate 4 footage was leaked online in April.

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