Aconcagua ps1

Long-Forgotten PS1 Game Aconcagua Gets English Translation After 22 Years

Remember Aconcagua PS1? Probably not. The obscure, long-forgotten point-and-click adventure was released in 2000 by Sony Computer Entertainment as a Japan-only game and was supposed to release in North America at some point but never did. Fast forward 22 years and Japanese game translator Hilltop has translated the whole thing into English. The patch will release on Monday, July 11th.

What we know about Aconcagua PS1

Aconcagua is set in a troubled fictional place called Meruza, inspired by the real-life Argentine province of Mendoza. Political turmoil plagues the region, in the midst of which an activist named Pachamama takes off on a plane that crashes near Aconcagua’s peak after a terrorist detonates a time bomb inside. Only five passengers survive. As a Japanese journalist named Kato, players team up with Pachamama to help survivors and get them to safety. Yeah, I had to Google this.

Aconcagua didn’t really take off (no pun intended). Famitsu gave it a 29/40 at the time and the only other review on record – at least according to Wikipedia – is an import review conducted by German magazine called Video Games, which awarded it a 70 percent. Apparently, Aconcagua’s official trailers did feature English dialogue but since a Western release was scrapped, no translation was ever made available. That all changes now.

“Aconcagua was a roller coaster of obscure technical roadblocks and clever solutions,” Hilltop wrote.

In other news, Stray has a Platinum trophy and a day-one patch, and it looks like Insomniac’s Resistance 2 is headed to PS Plus Extra and Premium this month.