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Ubisoft Denies Reports That It’s Cancelling Roller Champions

Is Roller Champions cancelled? Apparently not. Following reports that Ubisoft planned to ditch its free-to-play multiplayer sports game after the current season, the company took to Twitter to dismiss the rumors but did admit that it’ll be extending the season’s length in order to improve the game and implement changes based on player feedback and suggestions.

Roller Champions won’t meet the same fate as Hyper Scape, apparently

Roller Champions

Roller Champions only just released in May so many were surprised when they heard the report, which came from none other than notable insider and journalist Jeff Grubb. Grubb hasn’t commented on Ubisoft’s statement on the matter. The developer claims that it “fully supports” Roller Champions and there are no plans to cancel it. Instead, the team is working on improvements that’ll result in Disco Fever being extended. Ubisoft added:

We are doing this for two main reasons:

– We will push out a patch that includes cross-invites so that we can deliver o the game’ promise as being a resolutely social experience. We will announce when this patch comes out as soon as it is validated and good to god.

– We will take enough time to solve the issues our players have voice as irritants before we release our new season. The Cross-Invite patch will include fixes, but we will be working on more improvements aft its release before we launch the next season.

As far as content is concerned, we can tell you that we’ve got exciting stuff planned for the next seasons. We strongly believe however, that before we release new content, we’ve got to do right by our players, hence why we are taking the time needed before we do.

It’s easy to see why people fell for the rumor. Ubisoft’s previous foray into the free-to-play arena with Hyper Scape fell flat after just eight months, and the free-to-play Ghost Recon Frontline was cancelled following its announcement just last October. It remains to be seen if Roller Champions, which isn’t exactly densely populated with players, will follow suit.