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Warrior Star Andrew Koji Wants to Be Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima Movie

Warrior and Bullet Train actor Andrew Koji has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he’s going after the role of protagonist Jin Sakai in the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie. Sony has yet to announce the movie’s cast but Daisuke Tsuji, who brought the character to life in Sucker Punch Productions’ hit video game, has already expressed an interest in the role previously.

Andrew Koji has played Ghost of Tsushima twice

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Getty Images: David M. Benett

Like Tsuji and writer Takashi Doscher, Koji says he’s a fan of the game. Such is his love for Ghost of Tsushima that he’s finished it twice now, according to Entertainment Weekly. The Japanese-English actor is currently in South Africa filming Warrior’s third season.

I’m going after Ghost of Tsushima — that’s what I’m going to do. I would love that. I think I can do a really good Jin Sakai. I can bring my own spin to it. I’ve played [the video game] twice now. I was thinking about it because [the adaptation has] been on the horizon, all the team talking about it. It would have to stand by itself, because the game’s so good. Let that exist by itself, and the film should be something slightly different. That’s the problem with those video game films.

Koji is going to find some competition from Japanese-American actor Tsuji, who has not only offered his talent to PlayStation Productions, he has also agreed to doing “butt nudity.” For those who haven’t played Ghost of Tsushima, Tsuji is referring to hot springs scenes in the game.

Ultimately, Sony gets to decide who plays Jin. We’ll update our readers when an announcement is made.

In other news, Sony has expanded its anime empire as leading anime store Right Stuf has joined Crunchyroll, and MultiVersus Season 1 has been delayed along with Morty.