Tekken 7 Update 5.00 Patch Notes

Tekken 7 Update 5.00 Patch Notes Detail New Wall Crush Mechanics

The Tekken 7 update 5.00 patch notes are live, and they detail quite a few changes. While there aren’t any new characters, this update touches each of the 51 characters in one way or another. With Tekken 8 being teased at EVO, this might be the last major update for the game, so let’s see just what Bandai Namco may be leaving us with.

What’s new in Tekken 7 patch 5.00?

The most significant addition that comes as part of Tekken 7 update 5.00 are the new wall crush mechanics. Some moves for each character will now cause a “wall crush inducing hit” or “wall crush inducing guard.” These new damage animations affect an attacked character when they hit a wall.

Essentially, a wall crush stumbles or interrupts a fighter which leaves them open to further attacks. It also incentivizes sticking near the center of the areas, lest you open yourself up to a wall crush. Unfortunately, one side effect of this patch is that due to the huge movelist update, you can’t replay recorded battles from previous versions of the game.

The Tekken 7 5.00 update also adds a network information display. On PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, players can check their network info on the online battle screen next to the antenna icon, Ping/RTT, Delay Frames, and Rollback Frames info.

The patch notes also have some of the typical, vague changes we see in these updates. For example, character balance has been adjusted “to close the gap in power between each character’s strength.” Some system-related bugs have also been fixed on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, which should improve overall stability.

Tekken 7 has had a good run, and we can’t wait to see where the series goes next. You can check out the full changes in the official patch notes here.

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