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PlayStation Sued for £5B for Allegedly Overpricing PS Store Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been sued yet again for “overpricing” PS Store games. This time, the lawsuit has been filed in the UK. A similar lawsuit was previously filed in the United States, which was dismissed by a federal judge in California just this past July. The legal complaint in the UK has been filed by consumer rights activist Alex Neill on behalf of “nine million consumers.”

Has Sony really overcharged customers for PS Store games?

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According to a Sky News report, the plaintiffs claim that Sony “ripped people off” by charging a 30 percent commission on PS Store games and in-game purchases, which includes DLCs and add-ons. The filing has somehow calculated that amount as £5 billion over the last six years. Those who have purchased PS Store games between 19 August 2016 till the date of the suit’s filing, and have joined the lawsuit, might be entitled to compensation of anywhere between between £67 and £562 excluding interest, should PlayStation lose.

“The game is up for Sony PlayStation,” Neill told Sky News in a statement. “With this legal action I am standing up for the millions of UK people who have been unwittingly overcharged. We believe Sony has abused its position and ripped off its customers.” Although digital store commissions are nothing new, Neill justified the suit by claiming that “vulnerable people rely on gaming for community and connection” and Sony is squeezing customers who subsequently might not be able to afford this type of entertainment.

I’m no legal expert but it doesn’t look like this lawsuit will go anywhere. The PS Store constantly runs sales promotions and it’s par for the course for platform holders to charge commissions. The claim that Sony “overcharged” customers will be a tough one to prove in court.

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