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Days Gone Devs Not Happy With Choice of Actor

Former Bend Studio staffers John Garvin and Jeff Ross has expressed their disappointment over reports that Sam Heughan is in talks for the role of Deacon St. John in the upcoming Days Gone movie. That a movie is being made based on the game was quite a surprise itself, and it appears that the production team’s choice of actor was equally surprising to many. Fans have already begun demanding that actor Sam Witwer, who lent his likeness and voice to Deacon, be cast for the movie.

God of War dev also wants to see Sam Witwer in Days Gone movie

Ross and Garvin’s thoughts were echoed by God of War director Cory Barlog.

Interestingly, Deadline’s report of Days Gone movie raked up the controversy surrounding Sony turning down a pitch for Days Gone 2, and its handling of Bend Studio following the game’s release. Following their high-profile departures from Bend Studio, both Ross and Garvin have openly criticized Sony for not giving the game the same treatment that other first-party games like Ghost of Tsushima received.

Replying to their followers, Ross and Garvin said that they hope they are consulted for the movie project, with Garvin stating that he would like some credit for creating the Days Gone world, characters, and story. The duo also made it clear that they have nothing against Sam Heughan, but would like to see Sam Witwer in the role.  “Days Gone literally used digital doubles … if the movie is about Deacon St. John, how can they not use Sam Witwer?” Garvin questioned.

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