PS Stars Days of Play

PS Stars Members Won’t Get a Chance to Grab Missed Days of Play Rewards

Sony has said that PS Stars Days of Play 2024 campaigns and their accompanying rewards are no longer active despite the month-long outage. The loyalty program, which is still in the process of being brought back online, went down in the midst of Days of Play.

Missed PS Stars Days of Play rewards gone for good

Shortly after Sony began rolling out PS Stars yesterday, players noticed an FAQ on PlayStation’s website, which attempts to answer some of our most common queries. The good news is that players continued to earn points for every purchase they made during the downtime. The bad news? We won’t get another chance to complete the Days of Play campaigns.

“As Days of Play is over, the Campaigns specific to Days of Play are no longer active,” the FAQ reads. “The Days of Play scene for your Display Case is still available, should you select it.”

The only thing members will get from the Days of Play campaign is a 2024 “Community Challenge” digital collectible. Once the program is back online in your region, go to your “Rewards” tab, select the aforementioned collectible, and hit “Redeem.”

Players are understandably unhappy that they’ve missed out on Days of Play campaigns, but it doesn’t look like Sony is fussed about that.