the last of us tv show trailer

The Last of Us TV Show Trailer Clip Features Joel’s Toughest Line

News surrounding the The Last of Us TV show has been rather limited, aside from confirmation of the cast and some leaked images. Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise for fans to see a full 20 seconds of footage included at the end of an HBO showcase reel, which featured shows scheduled for the next year.

The Last of Us TV Show Trailer 1

Starting at 1:43 in the video embedded above, there are 20 seconds of The Last of US TV show footage. It’s a montage of clips combined with dialogue from both Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel.

Aside from the highlights of Bella and Pedro speaking as their characters, allowing viewers to measure up how they compare to their video game counterparts, there’s also the shot of Nick Offerman’s Bill, a friend of Joel’s who plays a key part in their journey (at least in the game).

Another highlight of the clip is the brief glimpse at Pedro’s Joel carrying Nico Parker’s Sarah. Fans of the game will know all too well about what happens to Sarah and it’s unsurprising that the show will be featuring that tragic moment.

The trailer ends with a look at a Clicker, one of the most deadly infected enemies. As their name suggests, Clickers make an awful clicking noise as they stumble around blindly looking for any survivors. These are sure to contribute to some terrifying moments in the show.

There’s still no officially confirmed release date for The Last of Us TV show. All we know is that it’s “coming next year,” as the new trailer emphasizes in its opening.

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