New PS5 Model 1202

New PS5 Model 1202 Is More Efficient, Meaning Less Power and Heat

Since the launch of the PS5 back in November 2022, the console has seen multiple updates to its internals. However, previous changes pale in comparison to the benefits enjoyed by the new 1202 model. Thanks to a die shrink, the new PS5 model is more efficient, leading to a lower power requirement and less heat generation.

PS5 Model 1202 improvements and changes

While the new PS5 model had already been torn down and its internals laid bare, it’s only now that specialist website Angstronomics has done its deep dive that we can see how AMD has switched to a new smaller die.

The new PS5 model 6nm Oberon Plus results in similar performance to the previous 7nm Oberon but with less power required. As there’s less power, there’s also less heat to deal with, which is how Sony is now able to ship a smaller and lighter cooler.

What’s more, a smaller die means less cost in production. According to Angstronomics, the change to 6nm should save Sony around 12% in costs per PS5.

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