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PS5 Stock Significantly Increased in the US Ahead of Holiday

PS5 stock has been increased significantly in the United States ahead of God of War Ragnarok‘s release and the holiday 2022 season. Sony previously said that it planned to improve inventory in time for its blockbuster release and the year’s prime shopping season, but it understandably didn’t specify how much since such data isn’t typically revealed to stakeholders. However, U.S. import data reveals that PS5’s supply situation has significantly improved… in the U.S. at least.

U.S. PS5 stock increased by 400 percent in September 2022

According to MST Financial analyst David Gibson, PS5 shipments into the U.S. were up 400 percent year-on-year in September. The bar chart below also sheds some light on supply constraints in 2022, with January, April, and May being the most difficult months. Supply in December 2021 was also at an all-time low – a situation that Sony evidently wants to rectify this year.

Sony recently increased the price of PS5 in all regions except the U.S.