god of war ragnarok side quests

God of War Ragnarok Side Quests Surpassing The Witcher 3’s Was ‘a Goal,’ Says Dev

Critics have showered God of War Ragnarok side quests with heaps of praise but one particular comment has prompted a response from Santa Monica Studio developers. The Washington Post’s Gene Park tweeted last week that the game’s optional missions surpassed those of The Witcher 3 for him, which is quite a significant statement considering that the CD Projekt RED game earned unanimous praise for its side content. According to one God of War Ragnarok dev, making optional content better than The Witcher 3’s was “literally the goal.”

God of War Ragnarok side quests were crafted to enhance the world

“The team doesn’t treat it as just side content, everything is crafted to enhance the world and player experience,” said exploration level lead Luis Sanchez, who also said that the team “poured everything” into every aspect of God of War Ragnarok. “The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games of all time,” wrote lead PI designer Anthony DiMento, adding that making side quests better than The Witcher 3’s was an actual goal that he set when crafting optional content. “It didn’t seem possible, but this was literally the goal.”

After what seems like an eternity, God of War Ragnarok will release on November 9th.