How To Unlock the PS Stars PlayStation Eye Camera

How To Unlock the PS Stars PlayStation Eye Camera Collectible

PlayStation Stars has now fully rolled out, giving players in all regions the chance to unlock some cool collectibles. One of the rarer unlocks is the PlayStation Eye camera which is awarded to those who complete one of the hardware-based “PlayStation and You” challenges. Here’s how to unlock the PS Stars PlayStation Eye for yourself.

Unlocking the PS Stars PlayStation Eye camera collectible

To unlock the PlayStation Eye camera collectible, PlayStation Stars members must do the following:

  1. Have owned the PlayStation Eye camera.
  2. Have used the camera while logged into the account they have linked to PS Stars.
  3. Boot up any game on PS5 or PS4.
  4. The PlayStation Eye collectible will unlock.

This PlayStation Stars collectible is another exclusive for those who purchased a specific piece of PlayStation hardware.

While many PS Stars subscribers won’t see this specific “PlayStation and You” campaign in their list of challenges, there will surely be more opportunities like this in the future. There have been many PlayStation peripherals released through the years, so Sony has plenty to choose from when it comes to setting future objectives.

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