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God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring Devs Congratulate One Another Over TGA Wins as Fans Spar

God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring were both in running for GOTY 2022 at The Game Awards last night, leading to a bitter social media battle among the games’ fans. Players have been sparring ever since TIME selected God of War Ragnarok as its best game of 2022 over Elden Ring, and it didn’t help that both games lost to Genshin Impact for the Players’ Choice award. In the midst of heated debates, Santa Monica Studio and FromSoftware had a warm exchange on Twitter.

Kratos congratulates FromSoftware for Elden Ring’s GOTY 2022 award

Santa Monica Studio tweeted out a congratulatory note to FromSoftware complete with a Kratos gif. FromSoftware responded in kind.

Meanwhile, fans continue to debate over which game is better.

FromSoftware’s acceptance speech for Elden Ring’s GOTY 2022 award was interrupted by an audience member, who mumbled something about Bill Clinton into the mic, leading to his arrest and questions about the event’s security arrangements. Worth noting, however, that a limited number of TGA tickets are available to the public, so the individual may have entered legitimately.