Call of Duty on PS Plus

Call of Duty Would Come to PS Plus As Part of Microsoft and Sony’s 10 Year Deal – Report

Microsoft recently offered Sony a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty and other Activision games on PlayStation consoles as a sweetener to smooth over the intended Microsoft/Activision deal. Not only would players be able to play those games on PS4 and PS5, but the Call of Duty franchise would also be included as part of PS Plus.

What does the 10-year Call of Duty PS Plus deal include?

Microsoft offered a 10-year deal to Sony to make sure Call of Duty did not become an Xbox-exclusive franchise if the former’s intended acquisition of Activision went ahead. This would mean that all future console games released within that period would be available on PS5, the future PS6 console, and perhaps PS4 too. According to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the deal would also allow Sony to put Call of Duty games on their PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscription services.

Sony has refused to accept the deal so far despite it getting approval from both Nintendo and Valve. Both companies are yet to comment on the reports. However, the takeover became far more complicated in recent weeks as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced they would be blocking the move. Arguments are still ongoing.