Discord PS5 Voice Chat Integration

PS5 Discord Voice Chat Integration Release Date Could Be Coming Soon

The PS5 Discord voice chat integration release date may finally be coming soon. According to a datamine of the latest app build, there are numerous files that reference voice chat integration with PlayStation and this suggests that PS5 players’ wait to be able to enjoy this functionality may soon be at an end.

When is the PS5 Discord voice chat integration release date?

Neither Sony nor Discord has confirmed when voice chat will be added to PS5. The latest reports claim voice integration could come on March 8, 2023, as this is when Discord version 7.00 is expected to be released.

A recent datamine posted on GitHub (thanks Reddit) shows that several data strings on Discord now contain references to joining calls and Discord audio on PS5. One explicitly says “We have new features for PS5 users. Hang out with Discord friends while playing games in voice chat.” There are also images to support these data strings, suggesting these changes will be coming to the app sooner rather than later.

The Sony and Discord partnership was announced in 2021 and the app was released in the US nearly a year ago. Xbox players got voice chat integration back in July, yet the feature is still missing on PS5. For now, all players can do is to link their PSN accounts to Discord and show their PlayStation game activity on their Discord user profile. Streaming gameplay is only possible with the help of another console feature.