Warzone 2 Player Count

Warzone 2 Player Count Dropping ‘At a Higher Rate Than Expected’ – Report

The Warzone 2 player count has dropped significantly and “at a higher rate than expected,” according to a report from CharlieIntel. So while it’s not a surprise that the number of players for a multiplayer game has dropped several months after launch, it seems that they are leaving Warzone 2 faster than usual for several reasons.

Possible reasons why players have left Warzone 2

While there are no figures on the number of players for Warzone 2 on PS5 and PS4, they are available for the PC version via SteamCharts. Following the player count stats for the game over the last few months, it had a peak of 488,897 players on November 19, 2022, which makes sense since that was the first Sunday after the game’s launch. That figure has continued to drop steadily to about an average of 120,000 players over this past week starting on January 9.

Twitter users responding to CharlieIntel’s report provide a few explanations on why players are leaving this specific Call of Duty variant. Looking at replies with a high number of likes, we found one user who remains disappointed about the lack of recorded stats for Warzone 2. Another says that it’s missing a wealth of features from the original Warzone and that it hasn’t added all that much new since launch.

Other reasons could be that some players just want the popular Verdansk map from Warzone 1 back. There are also plenty of other battle royale games to choose from, like Fortnite and Apex Legends.