Hogwarts Legacy Download Size

Hogwarts Legacy Download Size for PS5 Revealed

Hogwarts Legacy‘s download size for PS5 has been revealed. As expected, it’s a reasonably chunky file size that many PlayStation 5 owners will have to make room for.

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 file size confirmed

The Hogwarts Legacy download size for PS5 is 79.543 GB.

As reported by @PlayStationSize on Twitter, the current version of the game comes in at 79.543 GB:

Also noted is the pre-load date of February 5, for those with the Deluxe Edition, and February 8, for those with the standard version. As for when the game will become playable, those with the Deluxe Edition gain access on February 7, while those with the standard version can play on February 10.

Those with just the internal SSD and no additional storage may have to work out the logistics of installing another sizeable game. With Warzone 2’s Season 2 update dropping soon, temporarily removing Call of Duty isn’t going to be a go-to solution for many.

At 80 GB in size, it works out at roughly 2 GB per hour of main mission content, if the 40-hour completion time is accurate.

For fans who need to top up their hype ahead of the big February 10 launch day, this Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer is available to watch in 4K.