the last of us 2 mini-game

The Last of Us 2 Mini-game Cut After Someone Drew a Nazi Swastika

A cute The Last of Us 2 mini-game had to be removed by Naughty Dog during development because a playtester drew a Nazi Swastika. The mini-game gave players the freedom to draw as Owen, with the intended subject being Abby. Instead of completing a drawing of Abby, one playtester whipped up the infamous Nazi symbol instead.

The Last of Us 2 drawing mini-game removed by Naughty Dog during development

As revealed by a Naughty Dog Principal Environment Artist, Anthony Vaccaro, the Abby painting mini-game would have featured Owen starting to paint her outline, with the player then being handed the controls to fill in the gaps.

After detailing the cut mini-game, Vaccaro then went on to explain that during the first outside playtest, “someone drew a [Swastika] to see if they could.”

Following this incident, Naughty Dog swapped the painting mini-game for the bow and arrow mini-game.

Though this drawing mini-game didn’t make it into the launch build, this guitar mini-game did, and it allows for some incredibly creative renditions of popular songs.

While The Last of Us 2 had an open ending that left room for a sequel, a “Part 3” isn’t guaranteed, as Naughty Dog thinks the second game has a “very strong ending.”