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GTA 6 Release Date Rumored to Be Soon But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

We’ve seen our fair share of GTA 6 release date rumors but this one takes the cake. A collection of random comments and theories have people convinced that GTA 6 launch is “imminent.”

Could GTA 6 release date be “imminent?”

I first noticed the rumor making rounds on Reddit, sparked by a tweet from a popular news site. Without any context, the publication tweeted that “new reports claim that GTA 6 developer Rockstar is polishing the game ahead of its imminent launch.” I found no article on the actual website so I went down the rabbit hole on Google.

Apparently, the rumor was originally started last month by this tweet:

The tweet was picked up by a number of popular news sites, who ended up dissecting the screenshots above. It all amounts to a load of nothing. There is a possibility that GTA 6 will be announced this year and it may release in 2024, but these are all just random guesses.

Nothing new to see here, folks!