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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Collectibles Trophy Bug Being Investigated

Avalanche Software has promised to release a Hogwarts Legacy update early next week, which will include a patch for the PS5’s bugged collectibles trophy. News surrounding the game’s day-one update has been confusing, to say the least, with WB previously promising a day-one patch that still hasn’t gone live.

Hogwarts Legacy update will retroactively fix PS5 collectibles trophy

The PS5 trophy for obtaining Hogwarts Legacy’s collectibles has a broken counter and doesn’t seem to register what players are picking up. As a result, the trophy is impossible to unlock for some players, also making the Platinum unobtainable.

This was first highlighted by known trophy hunter Brian English, who has since been reassured by Avalanche Studios’ Chandler Wood that the trophy will be patched by Tuesday, February 13th, and it will retroactively fix the counter so players don’t have to backtrack.

The full list of Hogwarts Legacy’s known issues that are currently under investigation are listed on the game’s official website.