Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Crashing

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Crashing Issues Reported Before Day One Patch

Some players are reporting frequent crashes with Hogwarts Legacy on PS5, causing them to be unable to continue the game or have their saves corrupted due to an unforeseen glitch. This is to be somewhat expected given that the game is barely out of  early access. Hopefully, these critical performance issues will be fixed before the Day One patch that should release some time today.

Hogwarts Legacy Day One patch should address crashing issues

Several users on Reddit and Twitter are experiencing various technical problems with instances of freezing, stuttering, and crashing for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5. Luckily, as a whole these issues don’t seem to be a widespread problem, especially when compared to some of the game’s issues on PC as reported in several reviews.

That said, one Twitter user has reported “major crash issues” even after deleting the cache and reinstalling, and another stating that the game will crash just after two minutes of play. This player reports the same and has asked for a Day One patch sooner than later. One user on the Hogwarts Legacy Reddit corroborates this constant crashing problem, saying that the person’s save file was removed due to corruption as a consequence.

Currently, the best solution to these crashing issues is to open a save file, either locally or on the cloud, from before the crashing occurs.

Avalanche Software has confirmed that the Hogwarts Legacy Day One patch will improve performance and add ray-tracing, along with the usual slate of bug fixes.