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Sony and Microsoft May Have Met to Discuss Call of Duty and Activision Deal

Sony and Microsoft potentially held a meeting to discuss the Call of Duty license amid the ongoing Activision Blizzard deal. Eagle-eyed Twitter users have tracked Sony’s private jet using publicly available data, noticing that it had made a trip from London to Seattle — the location of Microsoft’s headquarters.

Sony and Microsoft allegedly meeting to reach “resolution” over CoD

The private jet data reveals the trip made by Sony, adding further credibility to the claims that the two companies have met. Alternatively, Bungie’s studio is also located near Seattle, though there has already been speculation that Sony and Microsoft have met to discuss the terms of the latter’s deal with Activision Blizzard.

According to the Substack business publication SuperJoost Playlist, Sony previously met with Microsoft “for the first time in 18 months” in an effort to come to a resolution over the Call of Duty license, and that their “publicly cold relationship appears to be thawing.”

If this private jet data does in fact reveal that Sony has once again met with the Xbox manufacturer, this could suggest that the companies will strike up a deal that will see the Activision Blizzard deal being pushed through with concessions made to appease Sony. With concerns that Call of Duty would eventually wind up leaving the PlayStation platform,