Atomic Heart Trophies

Atomic Heart Trophies Are Completely Broken on PS5 and PS4

Atomic Heart will launch tomorrow, February 21, but several trophies are failing to track or unlock properly despite a day-one update that included a variety of different bug fixes. Due to a variety of issues, those hoping to use the game to get another Platinum trophy will be disappointed.

Which Atomic Heart trophies are broken?

One of the trophies that nobody has been unable to unlock on PS5 or PS4 is Below Zero, where players must freeze a Vova enemy in mid-air. I have personally done this multiple times and have been unable to unlock the trophy despite the day one patch that was released today. Other trophies are broken because their trackers aren’t working properly. The More Than Profit trophy for finding all of the game’s Lootyagins is refusing to track at all, while the trackers for the Burning Ears and The Necromancer have stopped working.

Unclear unlock requirements are another issue. The Explorer trophy seemingly wants players to “Find a testing ground”; it actually needs players to find all of them. The description for The Necromancer trophy is incomplete. The Lord of War trophy wants players to find 12 weapons according to the trophy activity card, but the trophy actually requires 14 weapons to be found. There are three more trophies like this where the numbers differ.

While today’s day-one patch did fix several bugs, including collectibles that couldn’t be picked up, the above issues are still present in the game. Hopefully more patches will arrive soon to address them.