Atomic Heart Trailer Hogwarts Legacy
[Image Credit: Focus Entertainment]

Atomic Heart Pokes Fun at Hogwarts Legacy With Jensen Ackles Trailer

Focus Entertainment and developer Mundfish have released a live-action Atomic Heart trailer that cheekily makes fun of Hogwarts Legacy. In the two-minute ad titled “The Atomic Way,” actor Jensen Ackles, who stars in Supernatural and the second season of The Boys, comforts a girl who fails to cast spells at a dummy.

Watch Jensen Ackles pulverize robot dummies in new Atomic Heart trailer

In the first thirty seconds of the new trailer, a girl wearing a pointy wizard hat and wielding a wand begins spinning around as she attempts to cast a spell against a gray dummy with a very sad face. If the joke wasn’t clear enough, she recites mock spell incantations with the words “belyash” and “vatrushka” which refer to two Russian pastries.

When her spell doesn’t go off as planned, though, Jensen Ackles is there to show her how to survive the robot apocalypse: ridiculous violence. The trailer shows Ackles bashing a dummy with an oversized weapon and shooting lightning out of the gadget on his hand, which I suppose could be a sort of tech-based magic.

At the time of this writing, the trailer on Twitter has been viewed more than a 1 million times. Fans reacting to the trailer say that they wouldn’t mind watching a live-action version of Ackles destroying robots in the apocalypse. I wouldn’t either, really.

Atomic Heart has gone gold a month ahead of launch and will run at a dynamic 4K at 60 fps on PS5. It will launch on February 21 on PS4 and PS5.