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Atomic Heart Has Gone Gold a Month Ahead of Launch

Atomic Heart is confirmed to be ready for its February 21 launch date. Announced on Twitter, the game’s “Gold” status indicates that it is ready to ship. This is a month ahead of release, which will be pleasing to see for those anticipating the alternate-history first-person shooter.

Atomic Heart is ready for launch

Mundfish revealed the news on Twitter, thanking its “partners and everyone who is involved in this exciting project.”

First unveiled in 2018, Atomic Heart was later confirmed to be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Then, a year later, the developer said that the game was in the “polishing and final assembly” stage. That was in August 2021. Now, over a year later, the game is finally going to launch.

In the tweet’s comments, Mundfish is responding to questions. These include concerns from those who pre-ordered the game years ago for PS4 and who now want to upgrade to PS5, as well as requests for a VR version.

For those tracking the game over the past four years, the news of Atomic Heart going gold will surely bring relief. Now there’s only a month to go before that February 21 release date.