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PlayStation Stamps To Be Sold at Croatian Post Office

PlayStation stamps will soon be available to buy from the Croatian Post Office. These stamps, which will be available starting February 22, will feature key PlayStation characters including: Kratos, Atreus, Aloy, Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, Ellie, and Joel.

New PlayStation stamps to be sold in Croatia

Initially spotted on Reddit via user Garelicious and later covered on Aroged accompanied by an alleged press release, the stamps have been described as a “limited edition” with only 50,000 available for purchase.

According to the press release, the stamps are designed by Alenka Lalić, a specialist in commemorative stamps.

Reddit user Garelicious reports that the stamps will become available to buy on February 22, though I have been unable to track down a product listing.

These stamps are sure to be highly sought-after by PlayStation and/or stamp fans alike!

PlayStation is continuing its big marketing push for PS5 consoles, now that system stock levels have become more stable. From gigantic PS5 structures appearing in multiple countries to small stamps showcasing key PlayStation characters, PS5 is starting to pop up everywhere.

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