Madden 24 EA Tiburon

Madden 24 Performance Will Allegedly Decide Fate of EA Tiburon

The fate of EA Tiburon reportedly hangs entirely on the performance of Madden 24 following all of the issues that have surrounded Madden NFL 23. Sources claim that EA finds the criticism of Madden 23 to be entirely justified and this year’s franchise installment will be “make or break” for the studio.

Madden 24 Franchise Mode is “almost there”

The performance of the game’s Franchise Mode will seemingly be the main indicator of success. Sources who spoke to Insider Gaming say that the mode is “almost there” and will come with a few small additions like better contract management. Madden NFL 24 will reportedly focus on the single-player and offline modes, although most of the game’s details are being kept secret for now.

EA is aware that many players will be wary of the new game, especially after the controversy over the Madden 23 update that led to the loss of Connected Franchise save files for many players. The source said “EA has big plans for Madden 24 and the management of the game knows how big of a year it is. Not just for the game, but for their future in their positions.”

If Madden 24 ends up being too buggy, there will be a big shake-up at EA Tiburon. Madden 23 sold well, but the sales of the new game will also make a big difference. Despite this, the franchise will likely continue after the shake-up too as EA holds the contract for Madden games until 2026.