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Microsoft Reveals Deal to Bring Call of Duty and Xbox Games to Nintendo Switch

Microsoft has revealed its new deal with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty and other Xbox-owned games to the Switch and future Nintendo-owned platforms, announcing that it has signed a binding 10-year contract “to bring Xbox games to Nintendo’s gamers.” The announcement also saw Microsoft state that it is “committed to providing long-term equal access to Call of Duty to other gaming platforms,” hinting at its lengthy negotiations and disputes with Sony.

Microsoft announces 10-year Nintendo Switch and Call of Duty deal

The contract was revealed today by Microsoft’s Vice Chairman and President Brad Smith. The announcement specifically mentioned Call of Duty, revealing that the long-term agreement will see Call of Duty release on Nintendo platforms “the same day as  Xbox, with full feature and content parity.” The statement also noted how this would mean Nintendo could enjoy Call of Duty “just as Xbox and PlayStation gamers” do so.

Smith also noted how the deal would bring other Xbox games to Nintendo platforms, though the official statement from both companies stopped short of mentioning any other games by name.

Since Microsoft announced its purchase of Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard, concerns have been raised about the company attempting to secure a slew of major IPs for itself and force its competition out of the market. Sony has been locked in a lengthy legal dispute with Microsoft over the deal, though recently it has been rumored that tensions between the two companies may have eased. However, there are still concerns over the deal, with several third-party companies saying that it would have a “negative impact” on the industry.