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Metal Gear Solid Fans Speculating State of Play Announcement

Fans are speculating a Metal Gear Solid State of Play announcement on Thursday, February 23rd. Rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake for PS5 have been swirling since late last year, and there have been multiple other MGS reports, many of which have led to dead ends thus far. So why do fans have their hopes up again?

Fans hope Metal Gear Solid remake will shadow drop

The source of the latest speculation seems to be a tweet by journalist Andy Robinson as well as an article from January, both of which are making rounds on Reddit.

The article in question talks about a Metal Gear Solid Collection of sorts releasing soon, which fans have somehow linked to the State of Play. As far as Robinson’s tweet is concerned, in responding to someone who quizzed him about his previous Metal Gear Solid reports, Robinson asked followers to watch his podcast on Thursday. And it just so happens that there’s a State of Play tomorrow.

To be fair to MGS fans, Konami did end up reviving Silent Hill after years and years of rumors so there’s a chance Metal Gear Solid will get the same treatment!

Could Metal Gear Solid remake be part of the “third-party reveals” tomorrow?