playstation state of play 2023

How Long Is PlayStation State of Play February 2023?

After weeks of rumors, Sony finally announced PlayStation State of Play February 2023 yesterday, and it’s taking place this Thursday, February 23rd. Yes, that’s tomorrow! But how long is the event? According to the Japanese PS Blog, about 45 minutes.

What to expect from PlayStation State of Play February 2023

Unlike its Japanese counterpart, the English PS Blog has been a bit vague about what to expect. We know that out of the 45 minutes, approximately 15 minutes are reserved for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That leaves about 30 minutes for everything else.

Five of the showcased games will be PSVR 2 games. Understandable, considering the headset has launched worldwide today. Interestingly, the Japanese PS Blog mentions that 16 new games will be showcased. Considering we have confirmation of Suicide Squad and five PSVR 2 games, that leaves us with ten games. But fans might want to keep their expectations in check.

Over on Twitter, PlayStation asked fans to expect “hot indie and third-party reveals.”

Could Sony have some major surprises in store? Stay tuned to find out!