Baldur’s Gate 3 PS5 Release Date Announced at State of Play

At today’s State of Play it was announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 is officially coming to PS5 later this year. The trailer came with a release date as well, which was a pleasant surprise.

Baldurs Gate 3 is to release on console later this year

Baldurs Gate 3 will be launching on August 31 on PS5, and will remain a current-generation exclusive. That means if you want to play the game and only have a PS4, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware. The trailer also revealed that the Baldurs Gate 3 collectors edition is currently available to purchase for PS5 as well as for PC, meaning if you’re a huge fan of this series you can get your hands on some incredible collectibles.

Baldurs Gate 3 has been in development for a while now, with the game launching in early access back in 2020. This is the first reveal that the game is coming to consoles, with it previously believed that it would remain a PC exclusive title.

In other PlayStation news, Shinki Mikami is leaving Tango Gameworks, and the DualSense Edge is now available at more retailers.