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Sony Wants PS5 to Get Best Versions of Multiplatform Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants PS5 games to be the best versions of third-party multiplatform games. According to head of third-party portfolio and acquisitions, Shawne Benson, this means utilizing features that are unique to the PS5 and its peripherals.

How Sony wants third-party PS5 games to be the best versions available

Speaking to, Benson said that while there is always room for exclusives, third-party developers benefit most from their games being released on as many platforms as possible. However, Sony wants PS5 versions of these games to stand out. In order to achieve this, Sony encourages developers to utilize technology like 3D audio, DualSense haptics, and adaptive triggers.

“That’s thinking about it less around exclusivity than what kind of technologies could they adopt that really make PS5 sing,” Benson explained. “So there’s a lot of things we could do and then create marketing stories around, and that’s where some of these partnerships for multiplatform games really focus.”

Sony has indeed dedicated quite a few PlayStation Blog posts and marketing trailers to highlighting PS5 exclusive features in major third-party games like Hogwarts Legacy. Benson revealed that Sony doesn’t specifically pay developers to incorporate DualSense features in their games but does offer marketing and development support where it makes for “a good PlayStation story.”