PS5 Sales Up 300% in February After Hogwarts Legacy Launch

PS5 sales for February 2023 are in, and they’re a hefty increase on January’s sales thanks in part to the launch of Hogwarts Legacy.

PS5 sales are beating all other systems

PS5 console sales have increased 316% over the last year in the U.K., with the console being 180% over the first two months of 2022. This rapid increase in sales is likely due to the fact that PS5 stock issues have ended recently, with Sony managing to make the system widely available across the board. Hogwarts Legacy launched last month too and was 100% bigger in its launch week than Elden Ring, which had a similar release month exactly one year ago.

In terms of direct comparison to other systems, the Xbox Series systems saw a decrease of year-to-date sales by 5.3%, with Nintendo Switch sales being down 29% over the same period from last year. This gives Sony a considerable lead over their closest competitors and means that they’re currently the market leader for the console market, with the Dualsense being in all three slots of the top three categories for accessories.

In other PlayStation news, The Last of Us episode 8 is currently the highest-rated episode of the whole series so far, and it appears Insomniac Games may have cast Steve Blum to play their Wolverine.