Hogwarts Legacy Sales

Hogwarts Legacy Sales Dominated PS5 Download Chart for February

The success of Hogwarts Legacy continues, with the latest digital sales figures showing that the game came top of the PS5 PS Store charts for February 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 tops PS Store chart for February 2023

Despite formidable competition from the likes of the newly-launched Dead Space, Atomic Heart, Wild Hearts,  and Like a Dragon: Ishin!, in addition to the eternally present GTA 5, Modern Warfare 2, and FIFA, the PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy managed to beat them all when it came to most downloads for the month.

With hype building throughout 2022, Hogwarts Legacy was pegged to be a success, but very few could have seen just how successful a new Harry Potter game would be.

PlayStation-exclusive content may have helped drive purchases on the Sony system. This content features a spooky Haunted Hogsmeade shop quest and the Felix Felicis Potion recipe. For those picking between platforms, this, and the fact that the game runs better on PS5 than Xbox Series X, could have been the deciding factor.

It will be interesting to see how the game performs on PS4, once that delayed version eventually launches.

Those still making their way through the wonderful wizarding world will be happy to hear that the latest update stops Ignatia Wildsmith from going on about Floo powder.