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New Hogwarts Legacy Update Shuts Up Ignatia Wildsmith

The most recent Hogwarts Legacy update has made a stealth change that’s so significant that it deserves its own article. As confirmed by Avalanche Software, the patch finally shuts up Ignatia Wildsmith…somewhat.

Hogwarts Legacy update reduces frequency of annoying, repetitive lines

Community Manager Chandler Wood said that the change, which was left out of the official patch notes, reduces the frequency of Ignatia Wildsmith’s lines, much to players’ delight.

Discourse surrounding Hogwarts Legacy on social media and forums like Reddit isn’t complete without players complaining about the NPC character, who keeps reminding fans that she invented floo powder. “You can’t imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented floo powder,” is one of the lines she keeps repeating if players make the mistake of fast traveling.

I wouldn’t mind having an option to mute her completely but this shall suffice. Perhaps, that’s a feature Avalanche might want to consider for Hogwarts Legacy DLC, if it ever happens, or the inevitable sequel Warner Bros. is already teasing.