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Elon Musk Tweeted About Atomic Heart, Now Its Dev Wants Tesla DLC

Upcoming Atomic Heart DLC may feature Tesla robots, if owner Elon Musk responds to an offer from developer Mundfish. Musk tweeted that he had heard good things about Atomic Heart, leading to studio CEO Robert Bagratuni requesting a collaboration.

When will Atomic Heart DLC release?

Publisher Focus Entertainment has promised four Atomic Heart DLC packs, which will expand the game’s world and story. DLC content will include new enemies and bosses. Should Musk go ahead with Mundfish’s offer, we might be fighting Tesla bots.

As for when the DLC will release, Focus Entertainment hasn’t shared a release date or window, but those who buy Atomic Heart’s Season Pass (called Atomic Pass) will get all four DLC packs. Other than new enemies and bosses, the DLC will include new areas, new labs, new weapons, “and more.”

Atomic Heart released in late February to mixed reviews. The game’s highest Metascore is 75/100 for the PC version, with the PS5 version having the lowest Metascore of 71/100, thanks in no small part to technical and performance issues.

For its part, Mundfish has released a massive patch that has seemingly improved the experience.