Atomic Heart DLC Release Date Announced in New Trailer, New Game Plus Update Out Now

Atomic Heart DLC Release Date Announced in New Trailer, New Game Plus Update Out Now

Atomic Heart is slated to get a few pieces of DLC, and developer Mundfish has revealed more about its first expansion. This DLC is titled Annihilation Instinct, and it is releasing on August 2. No price was revealed, though.

The first Atomic Heart DLC has new weapons, levels, and more

Annihilation Instinct, as shown by its trailer, has a new ranged weapon called the Secateur, a melee weapon called the Klusha, and the Techno-Statsis ability that lets players manipulate time. It takes place after the base game’s finale and sets players loose on the new “mind-bending” Mendeleev Complex, which is surrounded by swamps. There will be at least one new “enigmatic” character and some returning ones, in addition to shapeshifting enemies called BEA-D (which, as the name implies, look like beads) that can be seen in the trailer.

And while that DLC is on the horizon, Mundfish just put out a big update. As noted on its Steam page, this update’s most notable feature is New Game Plus, which is not just the same experience with more powers. Enemies have new abilities, which are dictated by the color of their auras. For example, if an enemy has a red aura, they have faster speed and attacks. If they have a yellow aura, they are immune to firearms. There are seven total auras, and they all only affect certain types of enemies. It also doesn’t seem to have added any trophies to the game.

Annihilation Instinct is only the first of four planned expansions. The other three haven’t been detailed, but are included in the game’s $39.99 season pass. Mundfish has also patched the game up a few times since its launch. These updates have fixed some of its many bugs, removed a racist cartoon, and added features like a Photo Mode, 120 frames per second mode, and settings that let players change the field-of-view and subtitles.