Naughty Dog Next Game

Druckmann Confirms The Last of Us 3 Won’t be the Next Game From Naughty Dog After TLOU Standalone Multiplayer Releases

Naughty Dog is already working on its next big game, but The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann has confirmed that it won’t be The Last of Us Part 3. While Druckmann couldn’t say much about this project, the developer has split into multiple teams so one can focus on this project and the other on the standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game.

Druckmann knows fans want The Last of Us 3

Players have been calling for The Last of Us 3 for quite a while but while Druckmann has heard those requests, it won’t be the team’s next project. He told Kinda Funny that as Naughty Dog is in a position where they aren’t obliged to make sequels so they can consider multiple different games and pick the one that sounds most appealing:

I know the fans really want The Last of Us Part 3. I hear about it all the time. All I can say is that we’re already into our next project. The decision has already been made. I can’t say what it is but that’s the process we went through that there was a lot of consideration of different things and we picked the thing we were most excited for.

The Last of Us multiplayer game will be the studio’s next big release, though, and we’ll be hearing more about that later this year. It’s the first game in the franchise where Druckmann is not the lead writer or director and it has created a game that is “very different.” The game was in development prior to the launch of Part II and fans are very eager for any news that isn’t the latest rumor.