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Microsoft Asked to Reveal Activision Blizzard Deal Exclusivity Plans and Call of Duty Agreements

The investigation of Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal is raging on, and now the FTC is asking Microsoft to reveal any exclusivity plans that they may have, along with their Call of Duty agreements.

Microsoft must reveal documents relating to Activision Blizzard deal and CoD

The FTC has requests for Microsoft in a newly released document that, among other things, states that:

“RFP 11 requests all documents related to the exclusivity of content Microsoft acquired from ZeniMax and exclusivity of content Microsoft proposes to acquire from Activision.”

This basically means that the FTC wants Microsoft to outline all of its future plans for any Activision-Blizzard properties when it pertains to exclusivity, along with any documents of a similar nature for ZeniMax Media.

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Interestingly, while all major details related to it are redacted, the FTC also wants all documents related to Microsoft’s ‘next generation gaming ecosystem,’ which includes consoles, subscriptions, and cloud gaming, with the document requesting ‘documents related to [redacted], the code name for Microsoft’s next-generation gaming ecosystem.’

This news follows both the revelation that Sony is not currently discussing Call of Duty with Microsoft and that Sony themselves don’t trust the Activision deal due to the Bethesda acquisition which included Zenimax Media.