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Sony Is Not Discussing Call of Duty With Microsoft Right Now

Call of Duty may well be one of the main points of Sony’s opposition to Microsofts proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but it seems like talks have reached a stalemate. Microsoft President Brad Smith has said they are not talking to Sony about Call of Duty at the moment, nor has an agreement been reached.

Microsoft signs another 10-year Call of Duty deal

The statement came after Microsoft revealed they had signed another 10-year deal with cloud gaming company Boosteroid to help distribute Call of Duty to more players. The 10-year deal is of a similar length to that agreed with Nintendo and Nividia, and Sony has apparently been offered similar terms. While there were rumors in February that the two companies had met to discuss a deal, Smith told Wall Street Journal that they are not currently in discussions and an agreement is yet to be reached.

The terms of the proposed deal between Microsoft and Sony have not been confirmed, although rumors suggest it could mean Call of Duty would come to PS Plus on day one. However, Sony’s opposition to the franchise even falling into Microsoft’s hands has been vociferous. Sony has claimed they do not trust Microsoft in the wake of the Bethesda deal, and there are claims Jim Ryan has stated he just wants to sabotage the Microsoft deal.