Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad Devs Are ‘Optimistic’ About the Game Despite Criticisms

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League developers are optimistic about the game despite facing several criticisms from people since the game was first revealed.

Suicide Squad devs happy about the game

According to the latest episode of the VGC podcast (via Spotify), comments have been made internally at Rocksteady Studios about the title, with Andy Robinson of VGC stating the following about the game:

“I’ve been told that this is not another Gotham Knights, that everyone who’s working on it is quite optimistic about the combat loops they’ve made and the game world and things like that.”

Gamers have been responding negatively to the game, with people decrying the live-service elements of the title and commiserating about how long they’ve had to wait for a new Rocksteady title for it to be a game as a service title. There are also concerns about the potential the game has for microtransactions, given its inclusion of a Battle Pass. Still, if the developers are internally happy with the title, then maybe criticisms leveled towards it are premature.

This news comes as reports that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League could be delayed into 2024, and that the core game won’t change despite complaints.