sifu 1.20 update

Sifu 1.20 Update Adds Free Arenas Expansion With 10 Hours of Content

The new Sifu 1.20 update is rolling out across PS5 and PS4 systems. The main highlight of this new Sifu patch for today, March 28, is the surprise addition of the Arenas expansion, which boasts new locations, challenges, and five modes.

Sifu 1.20 update patch notes

  • Added 9 new locations in Arenas expansion.
  • Added 45 merciless challenges in Arenas expansion.
  • Five new game modes added with Arenas expansion.

With Sifu already feeling like a full-featured release, this Arenas expansion is sure to be a surprise for many players. With that said, it would be rude to complain about more environments to fight in, challenges to complete, and new game modes to try and master.

This big 1.20 update has been deployed alongside the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam release. That means more players will be trying the game for the first time, which no doubt motivated Sloclap to go big with the launch day patch.

Tchia is another game that received a significant update today. Those on PS5 can now enjoy the game running at 60 FPS.

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