Tchia 1.008 Update

Tchia 1.008 Update Adds 60 FPS Performance Mode for PS5

The Tchia 1.008 update is now rolling out across PS5 and PS4. For those playing on the current-gen system, the new patch implements a “Performance Mode,” allowing the recent PS Plus release to run at a much smoother 60 FPS.

Tchia 1.008 patch notes for today, March 28

  • PS5 now supports 60fps at 1080p.
  • Resolved crashes experienced in some cutscenes on all platforms.
  • Minor bug fixes and polishing on all platforms.

The major change is obviously the new 60 FPS mode, which those on PS5 will surely want to explore. On the other hand, especially for those playing on larger screens, the drop in resolution to 1080p might be too severe. But at least the choice is there!

For those on the last-gen PS4, it’s still good news to see crash and bug fixes being implemented to help make Tchia more stable. Awaceb has been relatively speedy in rolling out updates since the game’s March 21 launch.

Posting on Twitter, developer Awaceb revealed the three major changes contained within the Tchia 1.008 update.

60 FPS might be cool and all, but it won’t make you a better ukulele player. You’ll need to practice in order to master the impressive Tchia diversion. It’s so good that it might even beat The Last of Us 2’s guitar playing!