Tchia Ukulele

Tchia’s Ukulele One-ups The Last of Us 2’s Guitar

A new Tchia gameplay trailer shows off the game’s ukulele mechanics. For those who were blown away by the playable guitar in The Last of Us 2, Tchia is about to do one better.

Tchia’s ukulele takes on Ellie’s guitar

In Tchia, the titular character can play various songs to change the time of day, cause it to start or stop raining, spawn useful fruit, attract animals, and more. However, when switching from the “Soul-Melody Mode” to “Free Jam Mode,” an impressive amount of customizability is unlocked.

Switching to Free Jam Mode makes it possible to: select the chord, pick the note, pick a high note, bend notes, strum up, strum down, change accidentally, and change quality.

Once the game launches on March 21, both available to buy and as part of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, I’m sure many players will be toying around the ukulele and trying to play familiar songs. Perhaps we’ll see renditions of Mad World, Through the Valley, and Hotel California, just as we did when The Last of Us 2 launched.

The Tchia gameplay trailer embedded above also provides a new look at many of the game’s locations, though they are only featured for a brief moment.