Fans Are Creating Awesome Cover Songs With The Last of Us Part II’s Guitar Mini-Game

As he promised in The Last of Us, Joel gives Ellie a guitar early in The Last of Us Part II and teaches her how to play. Throughout the sequel, there are more instances wherein she comes across a guitar in the world, allowing players to pick away to their heart’s content. The mini-game is rather intricate–the DualShock 4’s touchpad is for strumming, while Ellie’s chords are played through button prompts on a radial wheel. There are even selections to account for capo placement and so on. Thus, it should come as no surprise that fans have gotten very creative with the feature by performing guitar covers and sharing them online.

Countless of such videos have cropped up since Part II’s launch late last week. Of course, not all of them can be represented here. The following are some of the more impressive clips, though.

Over the weekend, one Twitter user shared the following clip of a “Mad World” cover, which Creative Director Neil Druckmann then retweeted:

Another fan managed to have Ellie finger pick chords from Shawn James’ “Through the Valley,” the song Ellie plays in Part II’s first teaser trailer.

Who doesn’t like a good “Hotel California” cover?

This selection of tunes wouldn’t be quite right without some love for Johnny Cash, too:

Other fans have gotten even more creative with Ellie’s guitar mini-game. Just watch these next two clips:

The Last of Us Part II is in stores now for the PlayStation 4. And it’s already proven quite the hit. In its opening weekend alone, it became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive in the UK and the fastest-selling title this year.