Dreams PS4

PS4 Exclusive Dreams Ending Live Support and Updates

Media Molecule‘s ambitious PS4 exclusive Dreams is being sunset this September, a little less than four years after the game’s launch. A critically-acclaimed content platform, Dreams released in February 2020 following a lengthy beta period and early access. Media Molecule has said that it now wants to focus on a new project.

What happens to Dreams PS4 after September 2023?

Players will still be able to play, create, and share their creations with other players after September 2023. However, there won’t be any further updates or events like DreamsCom and Impy Awards.

As announced last year, Dreams will also be undergoing server migration to ensure its stability. Unfortunately, this means the game will lose some of its features. Over on its website, Media Molecule has released a lengthy list of changes that’ll come with the server migration, including quests and trophies, social integration, and scoreboards.

The good news for trophy hunters is that Media Molecule is modifying trophy requirements so that players are still able to unlock them post migration.

As far as its new project is concerned, Media Molecule has said that although it’s excited about what’s coming next, the studio isn’t ready to divulge any details just yet.