Addlink A95 SSD Amazon Deal

Get A PS5 Compatible SSD For Over $60 Off

The internal PS5 SSD itself is pretty great, sure, but you can always go bigger and go better for a price. Luckily an Amazon deal has dramatically reduced the price of a PS5 expansion SSD that’ll give you two more terabytes of storage space.

Speed up your life with this PS5 SSD

You can get the Addlink Addgame PS5 Compatible A95 2TB SSD here, reduced from $199.99 to $137.99.

The Addlink Addgame PS5 Compatible A95 2TB SSD with extremely fast read/write speeds of up to 6500 MBs, and is compatible with Intel Raptor Lake Gen 13 Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 7000. It’s also worth remembering that most games don’t exceed 100GB in terms of overall download size, so with 2TB you can install a lot of games in one place.

You can also get a new TV to go with your PS5, or a soundbar to really improve your experience while gaming.