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Sony 65-inch 4K TV With PS5 Exclusive Features Now Less Than $900

Amazon currently has a pretty great offer for a Sony 65-Inch 4K TV that has PS5 exclusive features, allowing players to truly upgrade their experience to a next-generation one. The HDR included with the X90K TV also provides some truly stunning colors, deep blacks, extremely bright whites, and some of the most beautiful imagery you can imagine in a TV provided, allowing for a home cinema experience like no other. It’s now reduced from $1100 to $839, a full 23% off in the Amazon Renewed Store.

Get the

Get the Sony 65-Inch X90K TV deal right here.

This refurbished, renewed Amazon product is in excellent condition, meaning that you won’t have to worry at all about potentially getting a damaged TV, with it also having a 90-day guarantee from the online retailer.

That’s a great thing since as it boasts beautiful intelligent TV processing that truly gives you incredible colors. It’s perfect for the PS5 too, since it has an input lag as low as 8.5ms and 120HZ VRR compatibility, allowing for incredibly smooth gaming. You also get all of the expected premium Smart TV applications such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, YouTube, and more.

You can also pick up a new soundbar to go with the TV and a new SSD for your PS5.