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Get This PS5 Compatible SSD For Over 10% Off

Want to upgrade your PS5 storage without paying a huge premium? Amazon currently has a deal on a TeamGroup SSD perfect for your console.

Get a new SSD with TeamGroup

You can get the TeamGroup T-Force CARDEA A440 Graphene & Aluminum Heatsink For $71.99 Reduced from $81.99 here.

The TeamGroup T-Force Cardea A440 Graphene & Aluminum 1TB SSD has read speeds of up to 7,000MB/S and read speeds of up to 5,500 MB/S. It supports the PCle Gen4 X4 specification and the latest NVMe standard and even comes with a five-year warranty in case something goes wrong. It’s also supremely easy to install, mainly due to the easy access that the PS5 gives gamers.

You can also get a new TV to go with your PS5, or a soundbar to really improve the audio quality of absolutely any game that you play.